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Here Comes the Holidays!

November 29, 2018 Event Planning DC 0

The holidays are upon us!  Of course, we all know what this means… PARTY TIME!  There is no better way then to start getting in the spirit of the season than with a company holiday party.  Although company parties can become the source of water cooler stories for years to come, they are the perfect… Read more

Event Planning DC Helps with Your Corporate Holiday Party Ideas

November 9, 2018 Event Planning DC 0

If you haven’t started planning for your company’s holiday party, it’s time to start!  Our experts are on the job to assist in planning a bash that your crew will actually be excited to come to.  Corporate events don’t need to live up to their stale reputation, it is 2018 and having a good time… Read more

Wedding Fights to Avoid as An Engaged Couple

October 19, 2018 Event Planning DC 0

Every couple wants the wedding of their dreams without the expense of their relationship.  Here are common but avoidable fights couples often experiencing when planning a wedding and how they can be handled. Different Sized Guest Lists and Unequal Family Contributions There are a number of solutions to help avoid the issue of uncontrolled guest… Read more

Wedding Consultants: Helping Brides Through Issues They Probably Haven’t Even Thought of Yet

October 5, 2018 Event Planning DC 0

No matter how prepared a bride and groom are there will always be circumstances outside of their control when it comes to planning for the big day.  To prepare yourself we have come up with a list of issues our brides and grooms have run into and how to handle them if (when) you run… Read more

Essential Tips When Planning A Wedding

September 21, 2018 Event Planning DC 0

As a wedding planner there are million and ten pieces of advice we want to give to all our brides as they tackle the process of planning their big day.  Below you will find just a few of our wedding consultants most indispensable secrets! Guests Our first and most critical piece of advice has to… Read more

Planning A Milestone Birthday

September 7, 2018 Event Planning DC 0

As adults we don’t tend to make a big deal about our birthday each and every year however the game changes when it comes when we reach major milestones.  Planning a special event can take a lot of time and planning which is something most of us don’t have extra of when we are reaching… Read more

How Long Does It Really Take to Plan A Wedding?

August 23, 2018 Event Planning DC 0

According to most bridal magazines and several wedding blogs it takes at least a year to plan a wedding. There are even check lists telling you when you should accomplish each goal needed to have the perfect wedding. However, as many wedding planners will tell you, it is possible to plan a wedding within a… Read more

The Struggles of Planning a Summer Wedding

August 9, 2018 Event Planning DC 0

Summer weddings are every bride’s dream until they realize that there are many things that can and will go wrong on their big day.  Unfortunately, not everything that can go wrong can be controlled, which means that summer brides need to be prepared to go with the flow and accept each unexpected event that comes… Read more

Event Planners Find Interactive Events Some of Guests Favorites

July 19, 2018 Event Planning DC 0

Many people are interested in ways that they can make their events interactive for participants.  From weddings and birthdays to corporate outings and non-profit events, event planners are often tasked with finding ways to make the event interactive so that guests can have a way to be active participants in the event.  To turn guests… Read more

Twists on Wedding Guest Books

July 6, 2018 Event Planning DC 0

A wedding is one of those occasions that is both steeped in tradition but still has a sense of uniqueness for the couple who are celebrating their vows with their family and friends. There is much planning that goes into preparing for the monumental day for the couple and part of preparation is something that… Read more