Water Softener

What You Need to Know Before You Purchase Any Water Treatment System for Your Home

January 11, 2019 Reynolds Water 0

First things first, have the water in your home tested by professional water treatment specialist.  Take labeled water samples from each faucet in your home in for treatment.  Believe it or not water from the kitchen sink may not test for the same contaminants as the water in the bathroom or laundry room.  This could… Read more

Well Water: Removing Iron from Your Homes Water

October 5, 2018 Reynolds Water 0

There are many issues that can affect your homes water with the two most common being hard water and increased iron levels.   Using the correct water filtration system, iron can be removed from your well water in a simple and efficient manner.  Water treatment systems such as water softeners and water filtration units are most… Read more

How Do I Know If I Need A Water Softener?

September 27, 2018 Reynolds Water 0

Are you experiencing any of the following? Dry skin? Yellowing clothes? Stained bathtubs? Non-stop issue with plumbing? Spotted dishes? Scale build up? The above is commonly caused by the hard water in your home.  The good news is that each and every problem you are experiencing with your homes hard water can be fixed by… Read more

Water Softeners: Maintenance Made Easy for Homeowners

September 14, 2018 Reynolds Water 0

Water softeners are just one of the many appliances that make our lives better.   Once the softener has been installed there is little that needs to be done for it to do its job effectively day in and day out.  Once the initial water hardness level has been set, regeneration parameters are set, and the… Read more

3 Things You Should Know About Well Water in Your Home

August 10, 2018 Reynolds Water 0

Does your home have a well?  Here are some things you may want to consider when it comes to the quality of the water that is flowing throughout your home. What is the difference between a well check vs comprehensive water testing? Many homeowners are under a misconception that having their private wells checked will… Read more

The Reality of Hard Water In Your Home

July 23, 2018 Reynolds Water 0

The water supply in your household can arguably be stated to be the single most important within your home.  Next, in order of importance for the comfort of its occupants being waste drain and electrical systems.  The water in your home is of absolute importance in order to live comfortably within your home.  Running water… Read more

Common Mistakes When Selecting a Water Treatment Option for Well Water

July 9, 2018 Reynolds Water 0

It is a known fact that water obtained from a well is not the best option when used for drinking or cooking purposes. It includes certain minerals and particles that can adversely affect your health, how your skin feels, staining on your fixtures, and more.  Many professionals recommend water treatment options that purify your homes… Read more

The Best System For Your Home Drinking Water

June 21, 2018 Reynolds Water 0

There are different ways you can improve the quality of water in your home to make it safe for drinking and cooking as well as for other household applications such as cleaning, swimming, and more.  Before you invest in a filtration system, conditioning system, water softener, or filtration system it’s important to have your water… Read more

Troubleshooting Your Homes Water Supply

May 16, 2018 Reynolds Water 0

No matter where your homes water comes from, a well, a spring, or the city, problems can exist.  Individual water quality issues are fixed with distinct water treatment solutions. It is our job to help determine what solution will work best in treating and eliminating your homes water issue.  From hardness to foul smells, we… Read more

Benefits of Point-Entry and Point-of-Use Water Systems

April 12, 2018 Reynolds Water 0

Safe drinking water is a concern to most homeowners.  Even with existing laws and regulations in place that strive to ensure that everyone has access to clean water many homes have water supplies that are lacking in quality. Measures are often put into place, by homeowners, to increase the quality of the water coming into… Read more