Residential Water Softener Systems

What’s Better for Your Water: Potassium Chloride (Salt-Fee) or Salt Water Softeners?

November 21, 2018 Reynolds Water 0

There are both advantages and disadvantages to the two types of water softeners commonly purchased: potassium chloride (salt-free) and salt water softeners.   The choice if often based on the area in which you live, the quality of your homes water, and health concerns that may or may not exist. It is important to note that… Read more

The Basics of Choosing the Right Water Softener For Your Home and Family

November 16, 2018 Reynolds Water 0

  Water softeners take bathing to an all new level, especially after accepting and coming accustomed to hard water showers.   If you are ready to bathe in silky smooth water, if you are excited for clear uncolored, smell free water, and if you are anxious to stop cleaning with harsh rust removers, we might just… Read more

Tap Water: Is the Water in My Home Safe to Drink?

September 7, 2018 Reynolds Water 0

All you want to do on a really hot day or after a long, hard workout is to go over to your kitchen sink and fill an extremely large glass with cold tap water!  However, is the water that is coming out of your tap safe to drink? While tap water in the United States… Read more

How Do Water Softeners and Conditioners Really Work?

August 27, 2018 Reynolds Water 0

Do you notice a build-up of scum in your shower or dishwasher? Is your home’s shower not supplying you with water that feels “right” as you rinse off the day? If you are encountering issues or experiencing a change in your water supply, it may be so to hard water or that the treatment option… Read more

Removing Hard Water With A Water Softener

July 12, 2018 Reynolds Water 0

Before we discuss water softeners, it’s essential that one gains an understanding of what hard water is and how it affects you and your family. Hard water refers to water with a higher-than-usual mineral content. This is typically the case with water that is extracted from areas with large deposits of calcium and magnesium carbonates… Read more

Maintaining Your Salt-Free Water Softener

June 12, 2018 Reynolds Water 0

A salt-free water softener uses potassium chloride instead of salt, so you will not experience salty water, or the salt build up that can occur inside the tank of your water softener.  There are many other positive benefits of using a potassium chloride water softener, but you will only see them if you maintain it… Read more

Water Treatment Systems Improve Homeowners Drinking Water Quality

May 11, 2018 Reynolds Water 0

There are a variety of water purification systems that can be used to improve the quality of the drinking water throughout your home.  To determine what type of water treatment system your home needs it is important to understand the qualities that each system offers in increasing water quality.  Professional water analysis can be done… Read more

4 Ways Water Softeners Improve Your Waters Quality

May 2, 2018 Reynolds Water 0

Water plays an important role in our everyday life and overall well-being, so it’s only prudent to ensure that we have a continuous supply of quality water for our homes, not only for our own good, but for the good of our appliances, energy bills, and of course our wallets. The most cost-effective way of… Read more

3 Signs You May Need a Water Softener

April 26, 2018 Reynolds Water 0

Are you noticing stains in your kitchen sink?  Is your skin dry and itchy?  These are both signs that you might have an issue with hard water.  The fix for hard water is most often the installation of a whole house water softener.  The installation of a water softening system will improve the natural life… Read more

Water Softener vs Water Filtration

April 5, 2018 Reynolds Water 0

When it comes to treating the water that comes into your home we know that you have a lot of questions and concerns.  With the number of options available in treating residential water quality it can become quite difficult to differentiate between the products available and their purpose.  The question we get most often is… Read more