Purification of Water

Improving the Water Quality in Your Home

November 12, 2018 Reynolds Water 0

There are a number of reasons that the water in your home could be discolored or taste funny.  Many of the causes of peculiar tasting, smelly, ill colored water comes from where the water is coming from on your property or the city.  There are steps that homeowners can take to improve the quality of… Read more

Treating Common Residential Water Problems

October 22, 2018 Reynolds Water 0

There are a number of issues that are common to residential water systems.  Knowing what type of water treatment gets rid of your specific water problem is crucial in getting the highest quality water for your family.  Water softeners, water filters, water purification, and water conditioners are all effective solutions in treating common issues in… Read more

Filters, Purifiers, and Softeners – What’s the Difference?

October 11, 2018 Reynolds Water 0

Water treatment terms are often switched between one another.  Many people, mistakenly, believe that the process between filtration, purification, conditioning, and softening are all one in the same.  With all of the confusion that surrounds the process of bringing quality water to your home and family it is important to have a basic understanding of… Read more

Complete Guide to Iron Filters

July 26, 2018 Reynolds Water 0

Due to recent news reports of tainted water passing into the drinking system of major cities around the world, there has been a renewed interest in the quality of water that people drink. After all, not all water is the same. There has also been an increase in demand for iron water filters and water… Read more

Whole House Vs Point of Use Water Filtration

June 28, 2018 Reynolds Water 0

Everyone wants water that tastes good in their home, but it can be tricky to determine what type of water filtration system to install to make it happen.  After all, having great tasting water is not going to mean anything to you if the water in the rest of your house is cloudy and stains… Read more

What Water Treatment Option Is Best For The Water In My Home

June 7, 2018 Reynolds Water 0

Regardless of whether your homes water is supplied through public or private water treatment facilities, the purpose of improving the quality of drinking water is to make it safe to drink and use, palatable, and sufficient enough to serve your entire home’s needs. Point-of-use (POU) technologies such as water softeners and reverse osmosis devices are… Read more

Increasing Your Homes Water Quality by Installing a Water Filtration System

May 31, 2018 Reynolds Water 0

Health care experts advise people to drink at least 8 full 8 oz. glasses of plain water every day to stay hydrated. This is important because the human body is two-thirds water and without an adequate supply of fresh, clean drinking water your body will be at risk. Most homes in the United States are… Read more

Water Treatment Systems Improve Homeowners Drinking Water Quality

May 11, 2018 Reynolds Water 0

There are a variety of water purification systems that can be used to improve the quality of the drinking water throughout your home.  To determine what type of water treatment system your home needs it is important to understand the qualities that each system offers in increasing water quality.  Professional water analysis can be done… Read more

What Is the Best Type of Filtration System for the Water in Your Home?

April 19, 2018 Reynolds Water 0

Quality water throughout your home is immensely beneficial from a health perspective and therefore should be free of harmful containment’s before consumption or use.  One way that this can be done is through the use of a whole house water filtration system.  In order to be sure that you install the proper filtration device for… Read more

Water Softener vs Water Filtration

April 5, 2018 Reynolds Water 0

When it comes to treating the water that comes into your home we know that you have a lot of questions and concerns.  With the number of options available in treating residential water quality it can become quite difficult to differentiate between the products available and their purpose.  The question we get most often is… Read more