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LASIK: A Popular Laser Eye Surgery Method

November 30, 2018 MI Lasik 0

LASIK is a widely practiced method of laser eye surgery.  Vision is improved using laser vision correction techniques like LASIK through a reshaping of the tissue underneath the top later of the eye. It is often hard to really describe what LASIK is and what is involved without using a lot of technical mumbo jumbo. … Read more

Recovery After Lasik: What to Expect

November 12, 2018 MI Lasik 0

LASIK is a common surgical procedure that is performed everyday throughout the United States.  The biggest concern that most patients have surrounds recovery.  It is important to note that although the surgery last only a few minutes per eye, the long-term recovery process, complete healing, can take upwards of six months.  Here are some common… Read more

Recovering from Cataract Surgery

October 25, 2018 MI Lasik 0

Recovering from cataract surgery should be relatively short and unexciting especially when your health is good and there aren’t any other major issues with your eyes.  Based on statistics, once a cataract has been removed your chances of an excellent outcome and sharper vision. Cataract surgeries without complications most often takes under ten minutes from… Read more

An Overview on Cataracts

October 22, 2018 MI Lasik 0

What is a cataract?  Cloudiness over the natural lens of the eye, which sites in back of the iris and pupil is an eye disease known as CATARACTS. Cataracts are the most common cause of vision loss for people over forty.  In fact, cataracts are the leading cause of blindness throughout the world.  More cases… Read more

Common Eyesight Problems That Are Solved with Laser Eye Surgery

October 12, 2018 MI Lasik 0

Lasik surgery is not the cure all for every eye sight issue. Not every issue that you have with your vision will be solved with the same surgery; just like every ailment with your body can’t be solved by undergoing the same surgical procedure.  In the article below we will educate patients on the most… Read more

These Bad Habits Can Harm Your Eyes

September 21, 2018 MI Lasik 0

Our eyes are arguably the most important of our five senses.  Even though we know this there are a few bad habits that all of us are guilty of that can severely damage our eye sight.  There are some bad habits that don’t really seem to pose a major threat like biting your fingernails but… Read more

Understanding the Basics of Laser Eye Surgery

September 10, 2018 MI Lasik 0

Laser eye surgery, LASIK, is one of the most common eye surgeries performed in the United States, with millions of procedures being done every year. The procedure is performed by a trained, board-certified ophthalmologist who knows how to do the surgery. Like with any elective surgery you might have done, it is very important that… Read more

Can Surgery Fix an Astigmatism?

May 11, 2018 MI Lasik 0

During the last few decades a variety of methods to treat an astigmatism have grown widely accepted.  An astigmatism is a defect in your eye or in the lens that is caused by an abnormality on the spherical shape of your eye which distorts images. When a patient has an astigmatism, the light rays entering… Read more

The Do’s and Don’ts of LASIK Eye Surgery

April 19, 2018 MI Lasik 0

Getting the best result out of your laser eye surgery occurs when you take the necessary steps to prepare for before and after the procedure.   As with any surgery, there are certain risks involved.  This is just one of the reasons it is important that you do everything possible to prevent issues from arising.  Below… Read more

Guidelines To Follow In Order To Qualify For LASIK

April 12, 2018 MI Lasik 0

Laser eye surgery is performed to help improve a person’s eye sight.  Most LASIK patients are seeking freedom from wearing eye glasses and contact lenses.  If this describes what you are looking for, laser vision correction surgery may just be the best option for you.  While laser eye surgery is effective in correcting the visions… Read more