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Improving Water Quality Through Filtration

March 15, 2019 Reynolds Water 0

Take a minute to look inside the tank of your toilet, what do you see?  Do you see a collection of rust, sediment, and/or sand? That same collection of debris is accumulating inside your plumbing and water heater.  It is pretty standard to assume that when any mechanical system in your home becomes saturated with… Read more

Preserving Your Water Softener Brine Tank

March 8, 2019 Reynolds Water 0

Hard water is known to contain higher than normal levels of calcium and magnesium.  This causes issues with lime scale build up that interferes with household and daily functions.  Issues range from clogged plumbing to soap’s ability to clean properly.  For most homeowners the installation of a water softener system is vital in bringing higher… Read more

Ways To Improve Your Homes Water Quality

February 27, 2019 Reynolds Water 0

Homeowners that are looking to improve the quality of the water in their homes are often confused between the available water treatment options.  There is a big difference in how you treat your homes water based on the issues it has.  Your water may contain containments, be high in harmful minerals, or may just smell… Read more

Hard Water Myths Dybunked

February 22, 2019 Reynolds Water 0

There are many myths surrounding hard water.  Although hard water is often not detrimental to your health it can be a considerable nuisance.  Below we will look further into the most common hard water myths and debunk them. Myth #1: Hard water is responsible for clogging ALL types of plumbing materials Truth: Hard water contains… Read more

Removing Iron and Manganese from Well Water

February 18, 2019 Reynolds Water 0

How many homeowners can honestly say they would be okay drinking water from their taps that comes out brown?  ZERO, that’s how many!  Brown water occurs because of contamination in their water from Iron and Manganese, common elements found in well water.  Thankfully there are water treatment options available to remove these contaminants.  Both Iron… Read more

Best Options In Treating Your Homes Water Supply

January 30, 2019 Reynolds Water 0

When it comes to figuring out the what the best option is for treating your homes water supply there is a lot of confusion and conflicting information within the industry.  Homeowners will find a variety of solutions when it comes to water treatment including solutions that treat the whole house and point of use options. … Read more

Should I Install A Reverse Osmosis System Even If I Have A Water Softener?

January 24, 2019 Reynolds Water 0

Hard water is not uncommon.  In fact, it is said that up to 85% of homes in the United States have hard water.  Many of these homeowners are treating their hard water issue with the installation of a water softener.  Although a water softener can help with the hardness of your homes water and remove… Read more

Answers to The Top 5 Questions About Water Softeners

January 16, 2019 Reynolds Water 0

There are many questions that people have when contemplating the installation of a water softening or filtration unit in their home.  Professional water treatment specialists such as the professionals at Reynolds Water Conditioning can help.  Below you will find the top questions we receive on a regular basis when clients are considering treating their homes… Read more

What You Need to Know Before You Purchase Any Water Treatment System for Your Home

January 11, 2019 Reynolds Water 0

First things first, have the water in your home tested by professional water treatment specialist.  Take labeled water samples from each faucet in your home in for treatment.  Believe it or not water from the kitchen sink may not test for the same contaminants as the water in the bathroom or laundry room.  This could… Read more

Help! What Water Treatment System Do I Need?

December 17, 2018 Reynolds Water 0

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the best water treatment solution for your homes water. There are major differences between water filters, water purifiers, and water softeners.  Many consumers use these terms interchangeably and believe they perform similar process however this is not the case.  Each of these water treatment options has its own process… Read more