Five Facts You Never Knew About Cataract Surgery

January 11, 2018 MI Lasik 0

Many people have issues with their vision especially after crossing the bridge to forty.  One of the major eye issues that causes problems for the aging population is cataracts, a clouding of the natural lens of the eye. Medical reports reveal that around 22 million over 40 in America suffer from cataract and this population… Read more

Things to know Before Choosing a Cataract Surgeon

January 3, 2018 MI Lasik 0

Selecting a surgeon to operate on your cataracts is a big decision that requires time and effort.  As with any surgeon it is important to research your option including the procedure and the surgeon performing it.  Our eyesight, without any doubt, is one the assets we are blessed with.  If there is a need to… Read more

Is Lasik Eye Surgery Right For You?

December 15, 2017 MI Lasik 0

Are you tired of wearing glasses? Probably, people around you have developed an annoying habit to comment on your glasses every day. This is terrible! If you want to move a step ahead from this irritating situation of your life then it is good to consider Lasik Eye Surgery as one of the most potent… Read more

Are You Ready For Laser Vision Correction Surgery?

December 5, 2017 MI Lasik 0

Any type of surgery can be nerve-wracking no matter how minor or major it is including laser vision correction surgery however it doesn’t have to.  Pre surgery anxiety can be eliminated with a little bit of preparation.  By guaranteeing your eye examination is complete and is set up with enough time in advance of the… Read more

Cataract Surgery Procedure and What to Expect

November 27, 2017 MI Lasik 0

Cataracts are one of the most common eye-related problems in the world today. It occurs when the eye lens becomes cloudy, leading to misty and hazy vision. Occurring naturally due to age, anyone that develops cataracts will eventually see a significant loss of clear vision, which can only be addressed through surgery. Cataract surgery happens… Read more

Reasons Why a Yearly Eye Exam Are a Good Idea?

November 15, 2017 MI Lasik 0

Most people think nothing of scheduling regular visits with the medical doctor or their dentist in order to make sure that they are physically fit and healthy and that their teeth stay white, bright, and cavity free.   When it comes to eye care however they tend only to seek the services of an optometrist when… Read more

What Is There To Know About Cataract Surgery?

November 9, 2017 MI Lasik 0

As we get older our eyes go through a process of aging.  You may first start to notice your near vision getting a bit worse and that you need to hold things a little closer.  Then you may need to start wearing reading glasses; this is called presbyopia.  This is where the lens within the… Read more

The ABC’s of Cataracts

November 8, 2017 MI Lasik 0

When Shakespeare’s King Lear calls on “cataracts” to spout during his “blow winds, and crack your cheeks!” speech, he’s not asking for cloudy vision.  In Shakespeare’s day, a “cataract” also means a huge waterfall.  This is fitting because the clouds of white foam arising from a waterfall are metaphorically like the cloudy vision caused by… Read more

A Guide to LASIK and Laser Eye Surgery

November 2, 2017 MI Lasik 0

What is LASIK Eye Surgery? LASIK eye surgery is the most common type of laser eye surgery. As a relatively straight-forward procedure, LASIK eye surgery has helped to restore vision to those suffering from a range of eye conditions. Anyone with eyeglasses or contact lenses will no longer need to rely on eyecare to see… Read more