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More on Electrical Distribution Equipment Failure – Should It Be Kept or Discarded?

April 24, 2019 JP Electrical 0

As we promised in our last installment, we will continue the discussion on equipment failure.  We will continue to dive into various electrical components and how they work, their longevity, usage, and testing.  Transformers Transformers are large scaled pieces of equipment that are used to either reduce or increase the voltage produced by a current. … Read more

Electrical Distribution Equipment Failure – Keep or Discard

March 29, 2019 JP Electrical 0

When dealing with electrical equipment and components it is inevitable that they will fail, and you will have to deal with the consequences.  The minute electrical equipment is put into place, from transformers to circuit breakers and panel switches and tap boxes, they start to decline.  Deterioration of electrical products happens for a number of… Read more

Sorting Through The Misconceptions of Reconditioned Products

March 15, 2019 JP Electrical 0

A lot of misconceptions surround products labeled as reconditioned, refurbished, and as-is.  Reconditioned products are products that have been returned to the manufacturer or a third-party company to thoroughly be checked, taken apart, repaired, put back together, tested, and sold.  They are unable to be sold as new without going through the refurbishing process, even… Read more

Benefits of Installing Refurbished Equipment

February 28, 2019 JP Electrical 0

In a manufacturing facility there are many different pieces of equipment working in conjunction with one another to ensure the process runs smoothly.  When one of the pieces breaks down and needs to be repaired or replaced time is of the essence in keeping downtime to a minimal.  The goal for most facilities is to… Read more

How Will We Know if We Should Replace or Recondition Large Scaled Electrical Equipment?

February 15, 2019 JP Electrical 0

Transformers are used in industrial and manufacturing settings as a way to control the electricity infrastructure within a facility.  They are used to step up and power down different voltages of electricity to equipment throughout.  The longevity of transformers comes down the environment in which they are ran and the amount of usage received.  A… Read more

Are There Benefits of Purchasing Reconditioned Electrical Parts and Equipment?

January 23, 2019 JP Electrical 0

Reconditioned electrical components and equipment are a popular option within the industry because of the benefits and tangible environmental, social, economic, and political climate benefits they provide.  Manufacturing, industrial, and organizational facilities are interested in saving money when purchasing and maintaining electrical equipment and parts thus the popularity of reconditioned electrical products.  There are many… Read more

What Is an Air Breaker and How Do They Work?

January 9, 2019 JP Electrical 0

Just as molded case circuit breakers, MCCB, air circuit breakers, ACB, is device that is in place to provide protection from an electrical surge or short-circuit.  The main difference is the amps they protect; ACB can withstand higher short circuit currents and mechanical stress because of the arc extinguisher element then MCCB can.  There are… Read more

Generator Tap Boxes: Instant Power During Power Outages

December 14, 2018 JP Electrical 0

No matter what business you are in, be it manufacturing, banking, health care, or education a sudden change in the power situation can be a debacle.  A loss of power means a loss of time, resources, and more so it is imperative to prepare for just such an occasion.   To plan ahead to avoid an… Read more

Choosing Circuit Breakers Over Fuses

November 28, 2018 JP Electrical 0

In the past fuses were the only option when it came to protecting homes, businesses, and equipment against overloaded circuits, shorts in circuits, and other faults.  With advancements in technology, circuit breakers became a popular option over the use of fuses due to the number of advantages they are able to offer.  The use of… Read more

Fact or Fiction? What Do You Believe About Reconditioned Electrical Equipment?

November 9, 2018 JP Electrical 0

There are several common myths surrounding the use of reconditioned electrical equipment and components. Is it really true that with the purchase of refurbished manufacturing equipment and parts can truly save companies time and money while also meeting environment goals?  It is our goal in this installment to debunk several myths that surround the use… Read more