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Common Summer Projects For Your Home

June 28, 2019 JFC Remodeling 0

Summers are a great time in Michigan.  It is the perfect time to enjoy the beach, BBQ’s, and flip flops.  It is also the perfect time for homeowners to tackle home improvement projects.  The weather is finally perfect – no snow, ice, or excessive wind.  The summer months are the perfect time to assess your… Read more

Kitchen Organization When Remodeling Is Not An Option Provides Optimum Flow

May 22, 2019 JFC Remodeling 0

As we are cleaning our homes this spring many of us will be looking for ways to increase functionality in our spaces, especially in our kitchens.  If a kitchen remodel isn’t in your future, organizing the existing space to optimize the flow is your next best bet for enhancing the purpose of the space.  Optimal… Read more

Popular Spring Renovations For Your Home

April 24, 2019 JFC Remodeling 0

It is FINALLY that time of the year, homeowners come out of hibernation and start the renovations they have been planning for all winter long.  Here we will examine the spring home improvement projects that will bring you the biggest bang for your buck while increasing function and aesthetics. Kitchen Renovations Let’s start with the… Read more

Spring Benefits in Home Improvement

March 27, 2019 JFC Remodeling 0

After months of cold weather that has left us stranded inside our homes, we all have a list of improvements we would like to see done on our homes.  It is easy to find all of the imperfections, big and small, throughout your home when there is nothing else to focus on.  With spring finally… Read more

Key Elements To Consider When Deciding On A Home Renovation

March 15, 2019 JFC Remodeling 0

Have you started to become flustered by the lack of space or look of your home?  Have you been working with a realtor to find a new home and haven’t been able to find your dream house?  Maybe you are just about ready to sell but your house needs a few updates? No matter the… Read more

Common Mistakes That Can Ruin Your Renovation

February 27, 2019 JFC Remodeling 0

Kitchen and bathroom renovations are the most popular for homeowners looking to update rooms in their homes.  The one issue that arises with many home improvements is that homeowners jump right into them without planning which just ends up dragging out the renovation process as issues arise. It is a good idea to start with… Read more

High-Tech, Low-Maintenance Bathroom and Kitchen Trends For 2019

February 15, 2019 JFC Remodeling 0

Today’s kitchen and bathroom designs look much different than they once did.  Long gone are the days of bright colored kitchen accessories and appliances and utensils that serve only one purpose.  We have trades yellows, oranges, and greens in for white, gray, and stainless steel.  Now-a-days everything is about simplicity and function.  Homeowners are looking… Read more

What Homeowners Need to Do Before Renovations Begin

January 23, 2019 JFC Remodeling 0

Remodeling a home can be quite an adventure if homeowners don’t properly prepare.  There are a number of wrong turns that can be made so it is essential to have a full understanding before you jump into renovations of any kind.  Below are a list of things to consider in order to avoid heartache and… Read more

Hiring A Professional Home Remodeler Saves Time, Money, and More

January 10, 2019 JFC Remodeling 0

The most limiting factor in renovating your home is the cost.  Many homeowners believe they can save thousands of dollars by renovating their own kitchens or bathrooms.  Then face the overwhelming fact, months down the road that they are in over their heads.  Everyone wants to save money when renovating without compromising quality.  The team… Read more

Avoid These Mistakes in Remodeling

December 14, 2018 JFC Remodeling 0

There are plenty of mistakes that can be made when you are having your home renovated.  From a freshly designed kitchen with upgraded cabinets to completing wasted attic space for an office, renovations can quickly go from smooth sailing to looking like the Titanic.  Below are common problems that are often ran into when remodeling… Read more