Caring for Your Aluminum Fence in the Winter

October 19, 2018 IFence USA 0

It’s evident that winter is coming.  The temperatures have dropped from the high seventies to the low fifties in just a week.  Colder temperatures along with the extreme weather that winters here in Michigan bring can do some serious damage to the maintenance of your home and property, including the aluminum fence that encloses the… Read more

Design Choices With iFenceUSA Aluminum Fencing

October 11, 2018 IFence USA 0

A four-foot-tall aluminum fence in white, adorned with circles offers a contemporary design to enhance the clean look and feel homeowners are looking for in a backyard oasis.  A six-foot-tall, classic black aluminum fence with an added dual driveway gate offers sophistication and style to regal, two story colonials in brick.  Aluminum fencing offers several… Read more

Measuring Your Yard for Fencing

October 4, 2018 IFence USA 0

One of the most critical steps when you are a DIY homeowner is to measure and then measure again. Ordering and installing an aluminum fence is no different.  It is critical to properly measure the area and dimensions of your property looking for possible obstacles that could occur when installing your fence.  Measuring the perimeter… Read more

Considerations When Buying Aluminum Fencing Online

September 26, 2018 IFence USA 0

The convenience of shopping online has left many of us wondering why we ever subjected ourselves to the hassle found with going to the store. Getting what you want, when you want it, all at the click of a button has changed the way consumers shop.  Consumers can shop for almost anything online including fencing. … Read more

The Best Style of Fencing for Homeowners with Pets

September 21, 2018 IFence USA 0

There is no doubt about it, the safety of your pets is as important as any other member of the family.  This is just one of the many reasons it is important when choosing a fence for the perimeter of your yard or to enclose your swimming pool that you are cautious to purchase an… Read more

Not All Yards Are Flat: Racking Your Aluminum Fencing Panels

September 13, 2018 IFence USA 0

When it comes to fence installation the Earth is unfortunately not flat but instead full of a variety of landscapes.  The variety within your landscape can lead to some major difficulties when looking into adding a fence to the perimeter of your home.  To combat this exact issue, iFenceUSA offers aluminum fence panels that conform… Read more

Caring for Your Aluminum Fence

September 7, 2018 IFence USA 0

Unlike traditional wood gates and fences, aluminum fences and gate do not need regular maintenance.  However, to preserve the beauty and to ensure the prolonged existence of your aluminum fencing and aluminum gates, an annual schedule for maintenance should be planned. Cleaning and Caring for Your Aluminum Fence Spray your aluminum fencing regularly with water… Read more

Aluminum Pool Fencing Brings Safety to Your Swimming Pool

August 31, 2018 IFence USA 0

Fencing isn’t all the same, especially when it comes to what is installed around a pool.  Wooden picket fences are much different than aluminum fencing or other options and much less durable.  Since there are many children drowning in pools each year, we want to make sure that you can keep your family as safe… Read more

What to Consider When Buying Aluminum Fencing Online

August 22, 2018 IFence USA 0

Before purchasing an aluminum fence, you will need to research your options carefully; after all, it is an investment that last for many decades to come. Your choice will affect the value of your property and it won’t easily be changed. When you are purchasing an aluminum fence, there are certain factors you need to… Read more

Customizing Aluminum Fencing for Your Home

August 15, 2018 IFence USA 0

No longer are dreams of white picket fences but instead dreams of low maintenance, durability, and curb appeal.  Homeowners can get this through the installation of aluminum fencing as it brings with it a more current feel than is found in other materials.  Another benefit found with the purchase and installation of aluminum fencing is… Read more