Creating Website Content That Is Ready for Voice Search

October 19, 2018 CPS 0

One of the most important aspects of creating a new website is making sure that your target traffic can easily locate you.  The planning process involved requires business owners to consider what keywords and keyword phrases people will type into search engines in order to find them.  Content is then created around these searches to… Read more

Just How Important is a Contact Page to a Website Afterall?

October 10, 2018 CPS 0

It’s obvious that your sites HOME page is the most important page of your web site design.  It is the landing page and will receive the most traffic of any of the pages within your website.  The second most important page, is often the most neglected when optimizing your site, can you guess what page… Read more

Custom Website Design for Growing Businesses

October 5, 2018 CPS 0

Business of all sizes can benefit from custom web design services.  Small businesses, or growing businesses as we prefer to call them are just one set of the many clients that we can help improve their online positioning and presence with a website customized to their unique business needs.  The professional web development team at… Read more

A Mobile CRM Benefits Your Business

September 26, 2018 CPS 0

The term CRM, Customer Relationship Management, is a newly coined term used to describe a system that allows companies to access and manage key elements of their business.  A mobile CRM is one that delivers the experience to users of smartphones, tablets, and other mobile internet-enabled devices.  Right away you can see the benefits a… Read more

The Many Reasons Every Business Needs a Mobile App

September 20, 2018 CPS 0

Mobile apps are becoming more and more of a necessity when it comes to maintain and growing your business.  No matter what you do or how your company interacts with clients a custom designed mobile app will allow you to be more efficient and effective.  Mobile apps are not solely for large, well known companies… Read more

iPhone Apps: Why Do They Seem to Perform Slower After Every iOS Update

September 13, 2018 CPS 0

I am not sure if I am the only one that notices but every time an update to my iPhone occurs my phone acts like a dinosaur.  It seems so much slower than before the update, each and every time.  Why? Even though I have not downloaded any new mobile apps and am not using… Read more

Custom Mobile App Development vs Template Designs

September 6, 2018 CPS 0

A single mobile app concept can literally change the way we operate in the world today. App ideas like Facebook, Uber, and Pinterest are extremely popular today, not because they have been initiated by famous people but rather the innovative approach of these mobile applications that has surprised the technological world. What is the difference… Read more

How Combining Professional Website Design and SEO Can Boost Your Online Business

August 31, 2018 CPS 0

When an online business launches a new website, careful consideration goes into their online image including the websites design and usability. Websites should be designed in a manner that allows visitors easy access to answers they are seeking. However, all of that is wasted if customers never visit a business’s website in the first place.… Read more

Computer Maintenance: Everything You Need to Know

August 22, 2018 CPS 0

Computers have become a vital item that everyone needs to use on a regular, if not daily basis.  While many people, especially the younger generations, thrive with technology, some of us simply need to take things slow as we learn about each aspect of these devices.  Thankfully, the basics are extremely easy to learn about,… Read more

PC Repair: Is Your Computer Ready for A Trip into The Shop?

August 15, 2018 CPS 0

Your personal computer contains a great deal of personal and private information.  When it needs to go in for service there can be a great deal of anxiety with leaving it in the hands of a computer repair technician.  Not only will they have access to your password-protected accounts, technicians will be performing complicated procedures… Read more