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A Little Preparation Goes A Long Way When Selling Your Home

April 24, 2019 C21 Lady of the Lakes 0

The sun is shining, the birds are chirping, and trees are starting to bloom… Spring is FINALLY here!  As we enter into the month of May the real estate market will see an increase in homes for sale and buyers hitting the streets trying to find a home of their dreams.  If you are one… Read more

Tips For Getting Your Home To Stand Out Above the Rest During the Spring Market Real Estate Flood

March 25, 2019 C21 Lady of the Lakes 0

Spring has sprung! Without a doubt the optimal time to start looking to buy or sell a home starts now.  It has been proven that the most active months in real estate are April, May, and June.  Here are some ways to improve the chances your home stands out above the flood of homes that… Read more

Step By Step Guide For Buying Your First Home

March 14, 2019 C21 Lady of the Lakes 0

One of the first things that first-time home buyers should know is that it is going to take a lot of time and effort to find and finally close on a home of their dreams.  In order to make the process as easy as possible and to help buyers make the best choices when purchasing… Read more

Preparing to Buy A Home This Spring

February 27, 2019 C21 Lady of the Lakes 0

Mid-Michigan homebuyers know as spring approaches they will begin to face some stiff competition for available homes for sale.  With home prices on the rise and fewer homes for sale, buyers need to make sure that they are fully prepared to purchase a home this spring season. To prepare buyers should look at becoming mentally… Read more

This will come to no surprise, WINTER is here!

February 14, 2019 C21 Lady of the Lakes 0

After a mild winter here in Pinckney and throughout all of Michigan, the snow and ice has finally arrived.  It is time to break out your favorite moon boots, puffy jacket, and bib overall snow pants, the sledding hills are open.  However, if you are trying to sell your home, it can be an incredibly… Read more

First-Time Home Buyers: What You Should Consider Before Making an Offer

January 22, 2019 C21 Lady of the Lakes 0

A lot of first-time home buyers get in over their heads.  They fall in love with a home before doing any research and end up signing on the dotted line with a home that is too expensive, needs more work than they expected, and are driving longer then they had expected to work each day. … Read more

I am Ready to Buy My First Home. Where Do I Start?

January 10, 2019 C21 Lady of the Lakes 0

The industry is saturated with information for first time home buyers.  It is often a bit overwhelming when you are trying to gather initial information on where to start, who to turn to, and what to expect.  In order to be fully prepared to find, finance, and move into a new home it is crucial… Read more

The Pros and Cons Of Buying a Home in the Winter

December 13, 2018 C21 Lady of the Lakes 0

In order to successfully buy a home during the winter season it is important to understand the pros and cons of the situation.  When buying a home in the winter both sellers and buyers must be flexible and patient with one another when it comes to viewing properties and choosing a closing date. Never feel pressured… Read more

Embracing Winter When Selling Your Home

November 28, 2018 C21 Lady of the Lakes 0

There really is no reason to wait until spring to sell your home if you find yourself ready right now.  The winter weather doesn’t have to give you pause.  In fact, if years past is a predictor of the future, selling your home during the winter months has gotten easier.  This is especially true as… Read more

Selling Your Home During the Holiday Season

November 8, 2018 C21 Lady of the Lakes 0

The holidays are upon us!  Some of us are seeing snow flurries, the cold temps have settled in, and you need to sell your house!  While most of us are busy preparing for family gatherings, feasting on festive meals, and wrapping last minute presents some of us are preparing to relocate.  Yep, you probably guessed… Read more