Repairing Your Roof In the Winter Months

February 15, 2019 Kearns Brothers 0

Obviously, it is best to repair leaks in roofing during the spring, summer or fall however, if necessary, roof repair is possible during the winter.  Although there are limitations in roofing materials, winter roofing is ever bit as possible as it is in the spring, summer, and fall.  It is worth repairing or replacing a… Read more

How Will We Know if We Should Replace or Recondition Large Scaled Electrical Equipment?

February 15, 2019 JP Electrical 0

Transformers are used in industrial and manufacturing settings as a way to control the electricity infrastructure within a facility.  They are used to step up and power down different voltages of electricity to equipment throughout.  The longevity of transformers comes down the environment in which they are ran and the amount of usage received.  A… Read more

High-Tech, Low-Maintenance Bathroom and Kitchen Trends For 2019

February 15, 2019 JFC Remodeling 0

Today’s kitchen and bathroom designs look much different than they once did.  Long gone are the days of bright colored kitchen accessories and appliances and utensils that serve only one purpose.  We have trades yellows, oranges, and greens in for white, gray, and stainless steel.  Now-a-days everything is about simplicity and function.  Homeowners are looking… Read more

The Installation of a Driveway Gate Creates an Impressive Entry

February 15, 2019 IFence USA 0

From walkways to driveways, a gate can transform the entire look of the landscape while adding a layer of security.  Aluminum estate gates alter the aesthetics of your home.  With curb appeal being an important factor in the way your home is viewed by outsiders, enhancements that not only add beauty but also security can… Read more

Planning Your Home For Aging In Place Renovations

February 15, 2019 Glen Miller Home Doctor 0

In general, society tends to shy away from talking about and planning for the steps necessary as we age.  The hard-cold truth though is that we are all going to get older.  We will start to lose the ability to do as we once did and eventually will need aides in place to assist us… Read more

It Is True, Wedding Planners Do It All

February 15, 2019 Event Planning DC 0

When it comes to planning a wedding the spectrum of brides ranges from those who have absolutely no idea what they are doing to those who believe that after they have planned their own wedding, they should quit their jobs and plan weddings full-time.  It is pretty obvious that brides who have no idea where… Read more

Is It Necessary to Hire a Professional Programmer When Developing an Apple iPhone App?

February 15, 2019 CPS 0

Do you think that you have the next big idea for an app for the Apple iPhone?  Are you interested in developing and marketing it to the masses?  If this describes you, we have some helpful advice.  First and foremost, unless you are a professional mobile app developer it is important that you team up… Read more

This will come to no surprise, WINTER is here!

February 14, 2019 C21 Lady of the Lakes 0

After a mild winter here in Pinckney and throughout all of Michigan, the snow and ice has finally arrived.  It is time to break out your favorite moon boots, puffy jacket, and bib overall snow pants, the sledding hills are open.  However, if you are trying to sell your home, it can be an incredibly… Read more

Is Bankruptcy The Solution?

February 14, 2019 Bohikian Law 0

The prospect of declaring bankruptcy is frightening.  Not feeling like you are in complete control over your finances can make you feel like a failure.  When you are in a situation in which you are contemplating the pros and cons of bankruptcy it is important to note that you are in complete control.  Bankruptcy allows… Read more

Exploring Radiation Therapy Treatments Part 2

February 14, 2019 Acceletronics 0

As promised in our last blog post today we will dive into the concept of radiation therapy.  In our last installment we discussed linear accelerators and how the radiation beam is produced and delivered.  If you are unfamiliar with LINAC and how radiation is created and delivered look back at our previous blog post before… Read more