What Are the Most Common Roofing Problems for Michigan Homeowners?

January 23, 2019 Kearns Brothers 0

Your homes roof is one of the largest and most important exterior features of your home.  It is easy to forget about because it is not an element of your home that is in your face screaming for attention.  It is important that homeowners do not neglect their roofs. Issues with your roof are easily… Read more

White Picket Fencing: The Benefit of Aluminum

January 23, 2019 IFence USA 0

What does the American Dream look like to you?  For most the answer has quite simply revolved around the vision of a two-story home with a white picket fence enclosing a private acre of land where the children and dog can play without a care in the world.   The white picket fence symbolizes both… Read more

Why Should We Use Outsourced IT Support Services?

January 23, 2019 CPS 0

There are a number of reasons company’s, big and small, choose to outsource their IT needs to a company that specializes in IT services rather than employ in-house IT support.  One of the biggest reasons company’s do anything is because of money and this is no exception.  The costs associated with an in-house IT department… Read more

How Does A Linear Accelerator Improve Radiation Therapy?

January 23, 2019 Acceletronics 0

With todays technology treating cancer through radiation therapy is completely customized to each specific patient’s need.  Linear accelerators deliver cutting-edge radiation therapy; providing one of the most advanced cancer treatment techniques available.  Linear accelerators are able to deliver targeted radiation beams directly onto a patient’s cancerous growths with minimal damage to the healthy surrounding tissue. … Read more

Are There Benefits of Purchasing Reconditioned Electrical Parts and Equipment?

January 23, 2019 JP Electrical 0

Reconditioned electrical components and equipment are a popular option within the industry because of the benefits and tangible environmental, social, economic, and political climate benefits they provide.  Manufacturing, industrial, and organizational facilities are interested in saving money when purchasing and maintaining electrical equipment and parts thus the popularity of reconditioned electrical products.  There are many… Read more

What Homeowners Need to Do Before Renovations Begin

January 23, 2019 JFC Remodeling 0

Remodeling a home can be quite an adventure if homeowners don’t properly prepare.  There are a number of wrong turns that can be made so it is essential to have a full understanding before you jump into renovations of any kind.  Below are a list of things to consider in order to avoid heartache and… Read more

Wedding Professionals: Difference Between Planners, Designers, & Coordinators

January 23, 2019 Event Planning DC 0

Planning a wedding takes a great deal of time.  Many brides don’t have enough hours in the day to make this happen the way they want without the help of a professional.  There are several different professionals that play a role in making your big day come to a reality.  Some confusion comes from who… Read more

First-Time Home Buyers: What You Should Consider Before Making an Offer

January 22, 2019 C21 Lady of the Lakes 0

A lot of first-time home buyers get in over their heads.  They fall in love with a home before doing any research and end up signing on the dotted line with a home that is too expensive, needs more work than they expected, and are driving longer then they had expected to work each day. … Read more

Answering Questions Common to LASIK Surgery

January 17, 2019 MI Lasik 0

Preparing for any surgical procedure comes with its fair share of anxiety, LASIK is no different.  Laser surgery for vision correction has a number of benefits.  Knowing the end benefit, vision without corrective contact lenses or glasses, is only half the battle.  Preparation ahead of time to put your mind at ease is the other… Read more

The People Behind the Installation of a Linear Accelerators

January 17, 2019 Acceletronics 0

Purchasing a linear accelerator takes a great deal of planning, an experienced team to pull it all together, and a commitment to purchasing a quality piece of equipment.  The planning process, as previously stated includes: Understanding the goals of your clinic Facility Planning Schedule Budget In this installment we will look at the team of… Read more