How Simple Chimney Maintenance Improves Its Lifespan

August 31, 2018 Kearns Brothers 0

The chimney or fireplace is a beautiful and important part of the home. However, this part of the house can be potentially dangerous if it is not properly cleaned and maintained. Hiring a professional chimney repair contractor can keep your family safe and improve the lifespan of your fireplace. Chimney repair and maintenance contractors can… Read more

What Is Medigap Insurance and Why is It Useful?

August 31, 2018 Medigap 0

Medicare is a good basic health coverage program for the elderly, which helps eliminate some of the high cost of medical care. However, while Medicare covers a lot of the health care costs it does not cover all the costs which is where the Medigap insurance comes in. What is Medigap Insurance? Medigap insurance is… Read more

History of the American Medicare Program

August 31, 2018 Medicare 0

Teddy Roosevelt who ran for president in 1912, began talks regarding a national health care program for all Americans to help defer the rising costs of American health care. However, it wasn’t until 1945 that President Truman sent a message to congress asking them to come up with a National Health care fund open to… Read more

Aluminum Pool Fencing Brings Safety to Your Swimming Pool

August 31, 2018 IFence USA 0

Fencing isn’t all the same, especially when it comes to what is installed around a pool.  Wooden picket fences are much different than aluminum fencing or other options and much less durable.  Since there are many children drowning in pools each year, we want to make sure that you can keep your family as safe… Read more

How Combining Professional Website Design and SEO Can Boost Your Online Business

August 31, 2018 CPS 0

When an online business launches a new website, careful consideration goes into their online image including the websites design and usability. Websites should be designed in a manner that allows visitors easy access to answers they are seeking. However, all of that is wasted if customers never visit a business’s website in the first place.… Read more

Removal and Disposal of Medical Equipment

August 31, 2018 Acceletronics 0

Technology is continuously changing and what was a brand-new machine last year, might be three models behind three hundred and sixty-five days later.  That means that it is not uncommon for hospitals and medical practices to remove and dispose of their medical equipment on a regular basis.  After all, they all want to offer the… Read more

How Do I Know When to Invoke A POA?

August 27, 2018 Sean J Nichols 0

A power of attorney is an authority given to another person to act on behalf of an individual usually called a principal. The agreement is made into a legal document guiding the relationship between the attorney and the principal. There are four types namely: general power of attorney; durable power of attorney; special or limited… Read more

How Do Water Softeners and Conditioners Really Work?

August 27, 2018 Reynolds Water 0

Do you notice a build-up of scum in your shower or dishwasher? Is your home’s shower not supplying you with water that feels “right” as you rinse off the day? If you are encountering issues or experiencing a change in your water supply, it may be so to hard water or that the treatment option… Read more

Is LASIK an Option When You Are Over 40?

August 27, 2018 MI Lasik 0

Can I get LASIK eye surgery even though I am over 40?  This is a question the professionals at Rohr Eye and Laser center often get when meeting with a prospective new patient and the answer is simple, YES!  Although there is nothing simple about your eyes or how you care for them, laser surgery… Read more

Difference Between Freight Forwards and Freight Carrier

August 27, 2018 Matrix Transportation 0

Among other businesses manufacturing companies often need to ship their products to warehouses and to market. If you have a new business that ships freight as part of your business, you may be wondering whether you should hire a freight carrier service or a freight forwarder to get your goods to market. To decide which… Read more